We support firefighter’s Mount Elbrus challenge

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Fire Product Search has partnered with Berkshire firefighter Scott Butler to promote his incredible charity expedition to Mount Elbrus.

We are excited to support Scott on his Mount Elbrus challenge because of his remarkable and truly inspirational story, as well as the opportunity to help raise money and awareness for great charitable causes, including The Fire Fighters Charity.

Scott has taken on big physical challenges for years, but his next challenge will see him cycling 1800 miles across Europe, then row 750 miles across the Black Sea before climbing atop the 5,642m Mount Elbrus in Russia.

With a possible Guinness World Record up for grabs – for Scott to be the first person to row across the Black Sea – this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime event to be involved with.

Firefighter Scott Butler

The charities that Scott has chosen to raise money for are: The Fire Fighters Charity, MS Society and Facing Africa.

As a firefighter himself Scott relates very closely with the work that the Fire Fighter Charity does on a daily basis, which he sums up very nicely on his website: ‘The people left behind are not forgotten by the brothers and sisters of the Fire Brigade’.

The MS Society is a very personal cause for him because his father-in-law has suffered from MS for a number of years.

Facing Africa, another cause that’s close to Scott’s heart, funds volunteer surgical teams from Europe to travel to Ethiopia each year to perform complex facial reconstructive surgery on the victims of the disease Noma.

Scott Butler - Journey to Mount Elbrus 1

Mount Elbrus

The Marcus Media team wanted to hear Scott’s story and find out more about his motivation to do this challenge, and got in touch for an exclusive interview with this incredible firefighter from Berkshire.

Through Fire Product Search we will follow Scott’s journey and provide coverage via our Social Media channels. Scott is set to begin the journey on 29th June, but he still has a lot to prepare before he sets off.

By providing updates on his preparation between now and the start date, we will aim to increase awareness and support for Scott among industry followers and the wider public.

Scott Butler - Journey to Mount Elbrus 3

Scott Butler

Our interview with Scott is featured on the Fire Product Search website, click on Mount Elbrus challenge to read the full article.