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Marketing Strategies to the Fire Industry

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In 2017 leading fire and rescue manufacturers are looking at modern ways to promote their products and brands, in this article we explore Marketing Strategies to the Fire Fighting Industry.

10 years ago manufacturers were happy to choose a selection of industry print magazines and place their advertisements in and around relevant topics. How times have changed. While print magazines have their place, more and more companies are looking for a new way to increase returns on their marketing spend.

Marketing to Firefighting Industry

Can you imagine your company without a website?

With nearly 35% of the world’s population – including just under 60% of the developed world having access to the internet, it would seem crazy today not to have a website and use the internet to inform people about and promote your company’s products and services.

Is simply having a website enough?

Since every company now has a website, business are looking at making their website, brand and products become the leaders on the internet.

Today’s websites need to be informative, quick to load, easy to find and use and be well supported.  You can have a great looking informative website but without any promotion how will anyone be able to find it?

There are many ways to promote and increase website traffic however it is important to think about attracting good quality traffic.  There are ways to increase your traffic with spam and people who are not and never will be interested in your products or services.  The key is attracting potential customers who are actively searching for your type of product or service.

Be clear about the types of people who you are looking to attract to your website and try to build your website and online marketing strategy to target the indentified potential customers.

Marketing to Firefighting Industry 1

Ways to promote your website and attract your target market.

Climbing the search engine rankings is not as easy as it sounds. The most important search engine is Google as they send over 90% of all search traffic (1).  All companies want to be top of a search engine when their targeted keyword is searched for e.g. Safety Torch.

According to a study in 2011 (2) the number 1 position receives 18.2% of all click through traffic and the first page receives 52.32%.

Climbing the search engines is all about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to make your website search engine friendly and building a popular website around the keywords you have selected.

Search Engines want to rank trustworthy and popular websites towards the top.  How do they know how trustworthy and informative your website is?  They measure the links you have coming into your website.  They also measure the quality of links to your website, having a lot of links from low ranked spam sites which have no relation to your target market is practically useless and may in fact harm your search engine ranking.  Websites must try to find good ranking websites that are relevant to their content and offerings.

Social media is another way that websites can build trust, popularity and traffic. If a website is well liked and followed on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus it will be seen to be popular and informative by the search engines. Interested users can reach your website via social media platforms which will increase website traffic.

Marketing to Firefighting Industry 2

Fire Product Search is the top ranking international website that serves the fire fighting and rescue industry.  We have thousands of high ranking pages covering all products and services need by fire departments, rescue teams and the emergency services worldwide.  We can promote companies, their products, brand identity, new product launches, news, in depth articles and videos across our market leading fire fighting and rescue platforms which include:

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By using the Fire Product Search platforms to promote your company and products you will increase your online exposure and marketing efforts dramatically and put your business in the leading group of international fire fighting and rescue suppliers online.

As the leading international fire and rescue website, Fire Product Search is guaranteed to increase your online presence with a selection of membership packages which will suit smaller budgets as well as the brands and companies that want to be the leading force on the internet.

1. StatCounter Global Stats Reports the top 5 Search Engines Sending Traffic Worldwide

2. A 2011 Study by Slingshot SEO Reveals Click-through Rates for Top Rankings

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