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Jon Curley joins Fire Product Search Team

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The Fire Product Search website has great pleasure in welcoming experienced operational firefighter Jon Curley to its team of firefighting and rescue experts Jon is adept in the arena of vehicle crash, heavy extrication and lifting.  He is a serving firefighter and founder of the popular RTC Rescue website.

Jon has been serving for 18 years as an operational firefighter at a multi pump technical rescue station in Dorset UK and continues to work as an operational crew member.

Jon Curley

Jon is the founder and owner of the website RTC Rescue , a UK based site for the sharing and development of RTC Extrication Techniques and related topics, dedicated to the exchange of operational knowledge and skills from UK and Worldwide rescue organisations.

RTC Rescue website

The RTC Rescue website specialises in dealing with real life operational incidents and the problems faced when dealing with difficult rescues. On the site are many videos made by Jon demonstrating techniques in a non biased environment and evaluated tools from several leading companies of rescue equipment.

Jon is also versed in the field of heavy rescue and lifting having become a certified instructor with Heavy Rescue Sweden, delivering and developing training across the globe.

Jon has been instrumental in the development of vehicle crash rescue over the last 15 years, working with many lead names around the globe including his mentor Len Watson. He was also a past member of C.U.E.E.S (Car User Entrapment Extrication Society). Jon’s work has been recognised universally, most recently as an advisor for the “Essential Drivers Handbook for the RAC”

Jon is a strong believer in the development of vehicle crash rescue and the sharing of knowledge to better our response, the sharing of information and techniques is vital for the ongoing evaluation in this field. To aid in the sharing of knowledge Jon had made all his material available for download.


To celebrate Jon’s arrival we have launched a new Vehicle Extrication video section to the Fire Product Search website featuring some of Jon’s popular vehicle extrication videos.

New Vehicle Extrication Training video page from the Fire Product Search website.

Fire Product Search are proud to feature a new and exciting collection of educational videos on motor vehicle accidents extrication.

Extrication from Road Traffic Collisions Videos on Fire Product Search are designed to provide insight into the latest developments in motor vehicle accidents extrication including technical training and techniques.

As vehicle technology evolves, heavy rescue professionals adapt their technology and techniques to become as effective at saving lives as possible. These videos will provide assistance for road traffic collision rescuers everywhere who are looking for the most current training within this field.

Fire Product Search is working closely with the team from RTC Rescue to provide continually updated resources and the latest information on vehicle extrication. The topics we have covered so far include windshield access and management, removing a tailgate, and space creation without hydraulics, with much more to follow.

Vehicle Extrication Training pic

This is the latest example of Fire Product Search’s expansion into new specialist areas and through our close partnership with experts and industry professionals, we continue to grow and deliver the latest innovations in the fire fighting and fire rescue industry.

If you have any questions relating to extrication technical training or techniques or any comments or suggestions relating to these videos, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to contact Jon for some vehicle extrication advice, to ask Jon a question please contact him via the Fire Product Search website.