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The all NEW Fire Product Search

By September 30, 2016 No Comments

The next generation of Fire Product Search the world’s leading fire and rescue product guide is now LIVE!

After many months of research, development, and testing we have pleasure in announcing the launch of the new Fire Product Search website,

The All NEW Fire Product Search

The new Fire Product Search website has been completely rebuilt with a brand new design to enhance the look and feel of the site and a completely new platform which has upgraded the functionality.

New features include;

Responsive – The Fire Product Search site is now fully responsive and can be used on all screen sizes including mobile phones.

Information Request – All company and product pages now have a unique contact form on to allow potential customers to request more product information or details on how and where to purchase products listed.

More detail – Our company profile pages, product pages, and event pages now feature more detailed information to provide our site users with an improved service and site experience.

The NEW Fire Product Search offer suppliers and brands that operate in the firefighting and fire rescue industry the following,

  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Lead Generation
  • Targeted Web Traffic
  • High-Quality Links
  • Brand Exposure
  • International Visibility
  • Measurability

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Join the world’s leading fire and rescue suppliers and brands on Fire Product Search NOW!

We would appreciate any feedback or comments you may have on the new version of the Fire Product Search site.