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Fire Product Search at Interschutz 2015

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The Fire Product Search team were excited to be attend the Interschutz Fair which took place in Hannover, Germany between the 8th to 13th June 2015.

You can view our Interschutz 2020 event profile page on the Fire Product Search website.

It was the second Interschutz attended by Fire Product Search as we also attended Leipzig at Interschutz 2010.

Interschutz is the leading international trade show set out in a 5 year annual format, the next event takes place in the June of 2020 for 5 days.  It sets host to a prodigious amount of people from all ranges of the fire prevention, safety and security, disaster relief and rescue spectrums.

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Commercial and non commercial businesses have the chance to exhibit at Interschutz, giving manufactures a chance to showcase their products to international distributors and distributors to promote their businesses and entice manufacturer’s. Due to how large these industries are, Interschutz will be offering exhibitions from hundreds of prospective companies. There is no better time to showcase innovative products and services than at Interschutz 2020 due to its popularity and also its demand. An exhibition on the same scale as Interschutz in this industry is unprecedented.

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More than 1,350 exhibitors from 46 nations showcased their products and services at Interschutz in 2015. Occupying some 90,000 square meters of display space, the show filled the entire Leipzig Exhibition Centre. 125,000 people worldwide attended Interschutz in 2010, which was an astonishing 25% more on the promoters and organisers has predicted.

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The Fire Product Search Team attended Interschutz 2015 and meet with customers, friends and colleagues. We were also excited to report on the latest innovative products and services for the firefighting and rescue industries.

The Fire Product Search website is an ever growing international community of fire chiefs, professional fire fighters, fire training officers and trade specialists covering the field of fire fighting and rescue.

Fire Product Search provides the latest information on fire fighting and fire rescue equipment as well as the largest and most detailed database of fire and rescue companies in the world.

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The Fire Product Search website also features informative fire fighting and rescue articles written by leading industry authors and fire professionals.

Fire Fighter and Technical Rescue Training videos alongside the most detailed international fire event and exhibition guide makes Fire Product Search the highest ranked, most used website for fire and rescue industry professionals.

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Due to the magnitude of Interschutz, we have put together a special promotional package for any company looking to reach an international firefighting community before the exhibition.

Fire Product Search will be previewing Interschutz with a series of special editions of the Fire Product Search Newsletter. If you would like to be included in our Interschutz previews or reviews please contact Fire Product Search.