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Fire Safety Search Social Media Hits New Heights

By October 4, 2017 No Comments

Fire Safety Search has had a social media presence for many years but recently our popularity has climbed to new heights. Earlier this year saw the appointment of social media consultant, Roberta Nicora, who focused her efforts on improving the profile of Fire Safety Search on our main social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter.

Fire Safety Search Social Media hits New Heights

Regular posting of industry news, events and product launches has seen Fire Safety Search achieve 4500 likes on Facebook and 2500 followers on Twitter which adds up to an incredibly powerful opportunity for businesses in the fire safety industry to reach their potential customers.

Increasingly companies in the fire safety industry are recognising the potential of social media to promote their products, company news or events alongside building customer awareness and brand loyalty. In marketing, brand recognition is key, and seeing a brand on big social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter gives potential customers a sense of security and trust in that brand.

Fire Safety Search Social Media hits New HeightsWith people increasingly spending more and more time on social media, advertising and promotion on social media is becoming an essential part of any company’s marketing mix and Fire Safety Search’s social media channels give fire protection companies a chance to speak to a much larger and targeted audience than they might otherwise be able to.

For more information on how the Fire Safety Search social media channels can help your business reach more potential customers please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Marcus Media, at the Fire Safety Search site or though our social media channels at Facebook and Twitter.