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Fire Product Search Team at The Emergency Services Show 2017

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The Fire Product Search Team spends a day at The Emergency Services Show

The Emergency Services Show at the NEC last week was both an educational and exciting experience, giving us the opportunity to meet with great equipment and services providers in the fire industry.

Just a few of some of the great experiences of our day…

Our first stop of the day was to meet Bodytrak.  It’s always exciting when a new product comes to market, and even more so when something good can come of something bad.  The motivation for a product of this kind was the sad loss of three SAS recruits in 2013 of hypothermia on a training exercise.  Used in many fields, Bodytrak is also used to help monitor real-time health and safety in fire fighting environments.

Catching up with Geargrid, we heard all about their recent installation into GE Healthcare, a private medical facility in Buckinghamshire.  GE in Buckinghamshire is a nuclear facility so they have to plan for every and any event.  They have had to move the emergency responders and fire station into a new location on-site to accommodate their growth. While visiting Geargrid, we also had the opportunity to meet the legendary CFO Bob Beaver (aka Bob Foht).  Bob, as seen in the picture, travels everywhere with Iain and Jason!

With over 450 exhibitors, the show gave its UK and overseas visitor’s access to the very best equipment, expertise and support networks to prepare for future incidents and keep the public safe.

Simon Lister of Delta Fire gave us an overview of their new Attack Pro Series nozzles range which brings together subtle design modifications and enhanced flow engineering.

Roger Startin, Joint Managing Director of Bristol Uniforms Ltd was pleased to be showing their Collaborative Procurement Framework PPE range.  The range will save Fire and Rescue Services considerable time and resources by simplifying and streamlining the procurement process.

We also visited Goliaths stand and had a chat to Richard Habany about Poseidon firefighter boots.

As the sun shone brightly through the exhibition hall, we walked outside to meet Ales Ribic of MFC International.  Recently re-branded to the MFC International brand to represent selling their products internationally.

It was great to catch up with Wasp and the progress being made since they launched at the Emergency Services Show in 2016. The Wasp is a warning alarm for stability protection and also has an incredible back story.  The idea borne from one fire-fighters experiences and desire to keep his co-workers safe when attending unstable sites in rescue scenarios led to the creation of this innovative technology.

Fire Product Search Team at The Emergency Services Show 2017

As the end of the day approached all too quickly, we were welcomed by Crofton Engineering, who are a specialist steel sub-contractors.  They also design, build and erect Fire Drill Training Buildings for the UK and Republic of Ireland Fire & Rescue Services.

Time for one more

Draeger welcomed us at the end of the day with a restorative hot chocolate served by their own Barista – a great way to end a great day!  Draeger were showcasing their dishwasher to the UK market for the first time at the show, and were pleased to tell us there had been a lot of interest in the equipment.

Fire Product Search Team at The Emergency Services Show 2017

We walked over 16,000 steps!

I always wondered how much walking we do at an Exhibition so we wore our trusty tracking devices to find out.  My feet certainly felt they had done the “extra mile” and with 8,000 steps being the amount an average person takes in a day it’s no wonder they were aching…. but what a great way to burn some extra calories!

There were many more of our client and new contacts that we had the pleasure of meeting and we thank you to all of you that took time out of your busy schedules to talk to us.  We look forward to seeing you again at next year’s Emergency Services Show and hope to meet more colleagues and industry specialists.