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Adapting marketing strategies to fire fighting and rescue markets in 2020

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Adapting marketing strategies to fire fighting and rescue markets in 2020

2020 will go down as one of the strangest years that anyone who did not live through the World Wars has experienced.  With the onset of Covid-19 at the beginning of the year in the Chinese province of Wuhang to a full-blown worldwide lockdown around April to the current situation we all find ourselves in, 2020 will not be remembered in a positive light.

The firefighting industry like every other industry has had to adapt to the current situation.  Where normally manufacturers work around international exhibitions to showcase their latest equipment to an international audience of trade and end-users the onset of Covid-19 has seen all exhibitions canceled.  In fact, the only major international industry exhibition to take place in 2020 was Intersec in January.

Even sales representatives who spend their days traveling to meet potential customers and performing product demonstrations have all but stopped.  International business travel is down dramatically in 2020 compared to 2019.

In fact, only the major food retailers and online businesses like Google, Facebook,  Amazon, and delivery companies have really seen good growth this year.  Even though most companies have seen overall sales revenues decreases they also report that online sales and online activity have dramatically increased.

When we think about working in 2020 this is very logical as more staff work from home and business travel has all but stopped.  Potential customers are using going online to search and research the products they need.  Making contact with companies through easy to navigate industry-specific digital product guides or via website contact forms.  From there, customers are being contacted through the many conference video facilities that are available.

Adapting marketing strategies to fire fighting and rescue markets in 2020

Adapting marketing strategies to fire fighting and rescue markets in 2020

Adapt and Survive

The smart companies are already looking to adapt and survive and making sure that their websites are up to date, easy to use, and invite customers to ask questions.  They also need to provide a good example of their products and the advantages these bring, through video demonstrations, images, and detailed product specifications.

But how do you advertise and ultimately drive traffic to your website?

In the past display advertising in magazines was the norm, companies take a full-page advertisement and if lucky some editorial to go alongside their marketing investment.  All in the hope that their brand will be recognised or that while they are flicking through the magazine they might have access to the internet to key in the website address of the advertiser.

Unfortunately without exhibitions and conferences, all magazine distributions have also been affected, no longer can publishers take a few hundred copies to distribute at a trade show.

The smart marketing specialists have for years promoted their products, brand, and companies digitally creating product sheets, interactive product guides, product demonstrations videos, company presentation videos. They have also searched for high-quality websites to provide links to help them climb the Search Engine Rankings in Google also known as SEO, search engine optimisation.

Websites like Fire Product Search were way ahead of the industry back when they first appeared in 2007 but nowadays seem like part of the landscape for the international firefighting and rescue industries providing news, product information, and a knowledge base from some of the industries most respected authors and training instructors.

Adapting marketing strategies to fire fighting and rescue markets in 2020

In 2010 it was essential to have a website however in 2020 it is essential you have a modern responsive website and invest in promoting that website using online exposure and creating inbound links from high-quality industry-relevant websites.

September 2020 has seen Fire Product Search record its largest-ever monthly figure for site visitors as professionals working from home or in the office but without the opportunity to travel use its extensive equipment guide and research the products needed to keep firefighters and rescue teams safe.

Covid-19 has not, unfortunately, stopped the wildfires raging in California or the need to provide firefighters with the correct PPE to carry out their duties effectively and efficiently.

What about the future?

Of course, we all hope that a number of vaccines will be found and within a year or so the world will open its doors again but there is no doubt this will have significantly changed the way we work and do business and ultimately marketing activities.

If you would like help improving your digital marketing, increasing interested visitors to your website, and ultimately creating online sales enquires there is no better solution for the international fire and rescue industry than Fire Product Search.