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Fire Product Search is a digital platform that provides professionals working in the fire and rescue industry with the latest information on equipment, training material and offers expertise and insight to support the emergency services.

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What You Need to Know

Fire Product Search social media channels have been a great success allowing us to reach a more diverse community of fire rescue professionals.

The Fire Product Search social media channels are an ever growing community of professionals from all corners of the globe. They offers dynamic relationships with members of the fire fighting industry to bring subscribers unprecedented information.

Fire fighting companies are using social media to advertise their products, build customer loyalty and awareness . For many marketing specialists brand recognition is key, and seeing a brand on a trusted social media site seems to give people a sense of security.

Fire Product Search’s social media channels has allowed fire rescue companies to speak to a much larger and more diverse audience of people interested in fire fighting and rescue from around the world.

Fire Product Search Facebook Page

Fire Product Search Facebook page has received nothing but brilliant feedback, with a staggering amount of page likes for a fire fighting related page which at the last count was 4495 likes.

This has been achieved by putting up interesting relative stories to the fire fighting industry and also being constantly updated to ensure we give the best results, with fascinating articles regarding products or events, it ensures subscribers continue to view our page to receive new information.

Fire Product Search Twitter

Our Twitter account has over 2985 followers and each of our followers can see our posts whenever released.

Since their launch in 2013 the Fire Product Search social media platforms have been a great success allowing us to reach a more diverse community of fire rescue professionals. It has also increased the exposure of the Fire Product Search website and the number of unique visitors using the site each month and increasing our subscriber database. For more information on Fire Product Search or publishing fire and rescue content via social media please contact us.

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